Library Rules of Conduct

It is the Library’s mission to provide free and easy access to its facilities, resources, and services for all people of Albany.  To this end, the Library has established rules of conduct that promote a safe, comfortable, healthy, and barrier-free environment.  Library staff shall make every effort to apply these rules in a fair, humane, and positive manner for the benefit of all.  The Rules of Conduct cover activities inside and outside the Library building, including the Library grounds and parking lots.  We ask your cooperation in maintaining an environment conducive to enjoyable use of the Library for all.

While at the Library we encourage you to:

  1. Ask for help when you need it.
  2. Give us your suggestions about how we can improve our services, collections, and facilities.
  3. Enjoy the time you spend here.
  4. Have the expectation of reasonable privacy to read, view, and listen to library materials.

So that everyone may have a safe and enjoyable experience, the following are prohibited:

  1. Using E-Cigarettes/vaporizing/ smoking on either Library property. This includes inside vehicles. (Per City Council Policy updated October 12, 2016.)
  2. Using tobacco or Marijuana products in the Library or near the front door. Use may include:  chewing, spitting, etc.
  3. Eating – except in approved areas by authorized groups.
  4. Sleeping, loitering, or lying on the floor.
  5. Being in the Library without shoes, shirts, or other appropriate clothing. Children too young to     walk do not need shoes.
  6. Violating other user’s expectation of reasonable privacy.
  7. Bringing pets or other animals, except service animals, into the Library.
  8. Bathing or washing clothes.
  9. * Being under the influence of, consuming, or possessing alcohol or illegal substances
  10. Leaving children ten years and younger unattended.
  11. *Bringing into the Library anything that is unsafe, including firearms or other weapons, unless the individual is licensed to carry a firearm, or anything that creates an obstacle or takes up seating, including bicycles, carts, or large backpacks.
  12. Running.
  13. Talking or playing audio equipment at a volume that disturbs others.
  14. *Being disruptive, disorderly, or harassing patrons and/or staff or otherwise interfering with any person’s comfort or safety.
  15. Cell phone use in the Library.
  16. Disturbing others because of poor personal hygiene.
  17. Conducting surveys or distributing printed material.
  18. Panhandling or soliciting for sales or charity.
  19. *Destroying, defacing, or abusing Library property.

In addition to the above, violation of any federal or state statute or local ordinance will be regarded as a violation of Library rules.  The City of Albany reserves the right to eject or refuse further admission to those individuals who violate Library rules, create disorder, or engage in illegal activity, immediately and may have violators trespassed for one month, six months, or a year at both Library locations. The Library’s procedure, in most cases, will consist of a verbal warning first, but conduct listed under numbers 9., 11., 14, and 19., may immediately warrant a year trespass. Violators are subject to arrest for trespass under Section 7.40.040 of the Albany Municipal Code.  These sanctions are not exclusive and any other remedies available by law or equity to obtain compliance with these rules will be pursued. Patrons may appeal their trespass to the Library Board. The trespass will remain in effect during the appeal process.



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