I would like a library card for my school, business, or agency.

A business card may be applied for if the address is within the Albany city limits.  Business owners must bring in photo ID and lease/rental agreement if they rent the property OR a tax statement if they own the property.  The lease/rental agreement or tax statement must have the business name, owner’s name, and address on it.

Please note:
The Library card may be picked up at the time of application.  Library cards are not mailed out.  Cards will not be issued without a signed application.  The library card must be in hand at the time of check out.  Items may not be borrowed without possession of the library card.  It is the school’s/business’s/agency’s responsibility to control use of the library card.  The Library is not able to monitor usage by specific individuals.  Notice will be mailed for overdue items.  Reserves may be made using the library card.  A notice will be mailed to the school/business/agency when the reserve is available.  The Library is not able to notify specific individuals within the school/business/agency.

If you need more information, please contact Mardi Hochstetler at 541-791-0011.

Main Library

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